Family Support, Femarelle and Menopause

Family Support, Femarelle and Menopause

Did your mom keep telling you that once you are independent, all her responsibilities are over and she can relax? Has she postponed a million things in life waiting for that right time? Do you think she can finally take a break?

Nope, unfortunately, menopause doesn’t take a break! Whether your mother is a working woman or a homemaker working tirelessly for years to satisfy everyone at home, those hot flashes, joint pains, sleepless nights, anxiety and other symptoms of menopause drains her mentally and physically.

Don’t worry, Femarelle is the companion that comes to her rescue. We have carefully designed supplements to the needs of women of different ages and so have introduced:

To help them overcome peri, during, and post-menopausal stages.

Family Bonding During Menopause!

Menopause is not a disease, it is just a phase. Just like menstruation, every woman goes through this and no two women’s experience is the same. Menopause can begin as early as 40 years but for an average Indian woman, menopause begins at the age of 46.2 years (Source: ).

Did you know there are 34 symptoms of menopause? So if you are going through one or many of those symptoms, then you are among the 25 million women who undergo menopause every year! Don’t worry, you are not alone, because we are all in it together!

Relax, don’t worry! You will get over it! It’s easier said than done? Yes! Small changes in your life with the help of people who love and care for you can make your 40+ life fun and memorable.

Family – It is said that a society is built on the family unit, and a family unit is itself built on a mother’s oestrogen levels. Her selfless role as tear-wiper, home-maker, meal-maker, trouble-shooter or a jack of all trades, is one of the cornerstones on which a family is constructed. So, a family bonding always ensures a mother to play her role effortlessly and happily.

She has heard you, helped you, taken care of you and provided you with the emotional support when you needed the most and now it’s time for you to help her, care for her, and provide her with the emotional support she needs. Hear HER out! Many a time you might have felt frustrated and she never reacted as she knew well it was the blazing growth hormones, Now it’s time you hear out her frustrations as those are the same hormones or the lack of them, affecting her!

Daughter-Mother Duo – Women are God’s gift to humankind and truly so! As mothers, they showered selfless love, attention, and care to the daughters during their puberty and guided them on how to handle those emotions, those sanitary pads, the nutrition, etc. Now it is time to return that favour. Your mom might not want to talk about the changes that are going on inside her body because she might not know what they are because her mother never talked about it. But, it is time for you, to talk to your mother, to understand her emotions so that you can help her. Like we say there is always a solution to any problem but understanding the problem is the key. Once you know your mother is going through menopause, take her to the Gynaecologist, speak to other members in your family and log into We have the perfect solution to help your mother ease her symptoms of menopause.

Make your mom talk about menopause, it will help you as a daughter and your daughter and thereon.


Be part of the daughters’ community to support your mom. Are you a son reading this, then you are also part of this community proudly supporting your mom. Femarelle salutes all the daughters, families for supporting the ever-smiling, tireless mothers during their menopause. Gift your mom Femarelle supplements to improve her quality of life for healthy ageing and strong bones. Check out to know more.

#ISupportMyMom do you?

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